10 facts that you should be aware of the Arthritis Disease


Arthritis refers to a set of disorders that badly influence the muscles and joints making them inflamed, reddish, and swollen. However, many people are trapped in many myths and misconceptions about this serious disease. We are saying it is serious because it not only affects an individual physically, but also emotionally and financially, almost inducing physical disability. So, if you have been diagnosed with the arthritis disease, it is vital for you to know about this disorder. Avoid any kind of panic because the disease is controllable. Remember, panic would make you weaker than pain. What you have to do is to know about the arthritis disease in detail and just follow the prescription and instructions of the doctor. Listed below are those basic facts that you should know before treating the disease.

Arthritis does not mean the existence of a single disease

Do not believe that arthritis is just one disease. In fact, arthritis encompasses over 100 kinds of join irritations as well as rheumatisms. Although the body parts like the spine, hips, knees, and shoulders are influenced, the arthritis disease has the power to impact any other part such as bones and organs making the case severe with the risk of permanent failure.

The following beliefs regarding arthritis are false

  • Results in minor pains
  • Is seen only in aged people
  • Is not something to be taken seriously
  • Is always aching
  • Induces pain and effects that cannot be alleviated
  • Is never seen in children
  • Is caused due to lack of proper diet
  • Is caused due to wet or cold climate

Arthritis can be ruthless, guys!

Joint inflammation and stiffness have the power to confine your daily and simple activities such as walking, bending, and stair climbing. With this, you cannot even work, cook, or clean. In fact, such people require assistive gadgets for walking.

Early diagnosis can avoid joint disability and malformation

If you take any joint pain for granted, you might never come to know that you are suffering from the arthritis disease. So, it is very necessary to diagnose this disease as early as possible, as delaying would only worsen the conditions.

It is vital to visit a rheumatologist

In fact, always prefer going to a rheumatologist, rather than a doctor, to detect the presence and type of arthritis. He or she is the one who is specialized in dealing with the arthritis disease. Due to this, an orthopedic surgeon or a rheumatologist diagnoses the arthritis disease precisely and offers the right medicines. To treat arthritic symptoms, a specialist or a physician is fine.

No cure exist, but multiple treatment options bring a drastic change

There exists no single approach common for all arthritis patients. This is because as over 100 arthritis types exist, there are plenty of options to treat them including medication and therapies whose combination aid in relieving joint pain. Further, not all patients will react to a single approach. Therefore, a combination of treatments is the best way to treat arthritis and to come to the optimal treatment plan.


Lifestyle change definitely helps drastically in beating arthritis

Just a few steps can make you stay fit even if you are an arthritis patient. Do some exercises for smooth join movements, lose weight for having the optimum weight as obesity adds to the arthritis pain, consult a therapist, give up smoking, sleep well, and avoid any kind of stress. If you are also an insomniac, let your rheumatologist know this.

Stability does stay along with arthritis

The arthritis patients can experience joint pain and inflammation at any point of time without any convincing reason. So, if today, the patient is normal; tomorrow, he or she can be stuck in pain. Even the rheumatologist cannot guarantee stability.

Arthritis affects emotionally

In case of chronic arthritis disease, the patients also suffer emotionally due to which the suffering increases and the recovery is impeded. Irritation, anger, resentment, depression, and abnormal fear are some changes. So, sympathy and care are required for such patients.

Chronic arthritis impacts financially

In U.S, arthritis as well as its rheumatic effects are ranked among the foremost factors responsible for disability. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has concluded that the overall outlay of arthritis is 128 billion dollars per year, which comes to 1.2% of the U.S’ GDP.

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