FAQs about Arthritis

What is meant by Arthritis?

Osteoarthritis includes pain and inflammation in one’s joints. It causes stiffness in joints and makes it hard to move them. Almost 80% people aged above 50 years are affected by Osteoarthritis.

What are the symptoms for this disease?

The symptoms include following;

  • Stiffness in joints and pain.
  • Swelling in joints.
  • Deformed joints.
  • Inflamed joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

How can I decrease this pain and make this disease better?

An injury which causes a derangement of joint mechanics, such as a tear of the ACL or meniscal cartilage in the knee, a recurrent dislocation of the shoulder, or a tear of the rotator cuff can lead to arthritis which occurs long before old age.

How can one differentiate between a simple aching of joints and arthritis?

An easy way is to take Advil when you feel ache in your joints. If you feel better right away, then continue doing so and you don’t need to visit doctor.

How can i avoid arthritis from happening and what is the treatment for it?

By taking a balanced analysis, if you realize that there exists some imbalance in the system, the balance can be restored easily by very easy and natural methods related to your food and activity choices. If you want to restore the balance, all you have to do is to visit any Ayurvedic physician or to order an Arthritis Aid Toolkit. By going for these methods, you’ll feel a positive change in functions of your body systems.

People say that Arthritis can also be caused by injury. How true is that?

Arthritis is a disease that causes pain and inflammation in your joints. It will cause stiffness in joints and any movement in the affected joints will get painful. Around 80% people above the age of 50 years are affected by this disease.

Are there ways that allow one to avoid arthritis? If not, is it possible to delay it?

It is most important for you to maintain your body mass under 25. If you’re taking Advil, then getting medical evaluation and injury treatment will not be sufficient.

Is it more likely for some people to get affected by arthritis than other people? like athletes? Whose joints and tendons are exposed to higher stress and injury throughout their lives?

That’s not the case. However, arthritis occurs if an injury is not treated or treated improperly.

What might be the reason behind my arthritis?

Calcium gets deposited in joints due to wear and tear. Friction is caused when cartilage that protects your bones get rough after deterioration. It makes the tendons, muscles and ligaments attached to joints weak, which results in joint deformation. Having Arthritis meant that there is some imbalance in one’s system. Imbalance exposes you to lot of diseases that are likely to affect weaker areas in one’s body.

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