I Finally Feel Relaxed

I Finally Feel Relaxed

A common medication prescription given for back pain is for muscle relaxants. Muscle relaxants work well when your muscles are so tense they cause back pain. What I didn’t realize is that science doesn’t know for sure how muscle relaxants work on the muscles. They just know they can calm your nerves and make your brain send nice messages to your muscles instead of tense messages.

The problem with muscle relaxants is they can be addicting if you take them too long. In essence they make you feel good and who doesn’t like feeling good? If your back pain has been due to tense muscles causing muscle spasms, the muscle relaxants can help you learn to relax long enough for the muscles to calm down. But you shouldn’t take this medication for longer than 2 or 3 weeks. They don’t “cure” anything and you should learn to relax without drugs. Muscle relaxants are just a way to get some temporary relief.

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