Ideal exercises for Arthritis Management


Looking for some natural way for arthritis management? Well, the best way is to exercise. Come out from the belief that exercise can aggravate the condition of arthritis. This is because when the arthritis pain is triggered, you are more inclined towards taking rest rather than doing exercises that are thought to be quite tiresome and difficult to do. We know that you feel restless throughout the day and experience horrible pain at night and in early morning. You might have form an opinion that this pain will never go and that you will never be able to carry out your daily chores properly at home and workplace. Well, but this and the notion about exercises are not true at all.

In fact, it is proved that doing mild to moderate exercises significantly improve the patient’s well-being by increasing self-esteem, reducing obesity, and increasing the sleep amount. What you do not have to do is going for high-impact exercises because they can worsen your state. So, you would be now eager to know about the low-impact exercises for arthritis management, which have exhibited unbelievable benefits like less joint pain and muscles augmentation. Below are the exercises for arthritis management.

Water therapy

This includes pool exercises that are really effective for people desiring arthritis management. All the magic lies in the warm water of the pool whose spirit aids in relaxing the damaged joints and thereby facilitates free movement. This is because water does not lay much pressure on the joints as you exercise. It is recommended that the pool should have warm water because it widens the blood vessels and aids in improving the overall blood circulation that is necessary to heal swollen joints.


This is the most ideal and simple type of exercise, which is meant for everyone. This is something where no coaching is required. Walking releases muscle tension and stiffness, improves blood circulation, and enhances the functioning of the systems in our body to remove the toxins.


India and China are the strong believers of this practice since over 3,000 years. And that their belief is not wrong. It is regarded as among the mind-body connection practices, which possesses spiritual roots. Yoga is a Sanskrit word that refers to the unification of soul, mind, and body. It is like another option after the conventional exercises that lay emphasis on the physical strength and durability. So, yoga is a blend of physical turns, spiritual refinement, and lifestyle changes. It aims at awakening the seven chakras aligned from head to lower abdomen to strike an overall balance.


This is the traditional Chinese version of acupuncture where ‘Qi’ stands for ‘breath’ and ‘gong’ refers to ‘achievement’. It is based on the belief that a good health is the result of a naturally independent Qi system that is threatened by a presence of a disease. So, in this method, you can expect breathing techniques, physical turns, and good intention. The benefits are improved mobility, reduced inflammation, less pain, and decreased anxiety.

Tai Qi

This is the principle of eastern art that combines the importance of physical as well aspsychological exercises just as Qigong does for achieving holistic results. It mostly involves visualization exercises as well as deep breathing mixed with a stretching course and cardio exercises. With this program, you can experience the benefits of less stress and tension and reduction in joint pain, tenderness, and inflammation. It is based upon the idea that to cure the body pains and to discard toxins, one needs to tackle the inner self and break all the emotional bondages that have the potential to cause the diseases.


This principle lays a great emphasis on breathing and physical awareness. In this program, you come to all about the spine that is the root of our body. To start with, the program can be changed as per your needs to solve the problem of swollen joints in which the muscles are contracted without activating the joints.


Introduced in 1990, Callanetics refers to a non-impact fitness course that includes tiny, but accurate pulses or turns in order to reduce the arthritic signs. It has proved itself to treat arthritis, osteoporosis, scoliosis, and Crone’s disease.

All the above techniques must be accompanied by adequate rest, healthy diet, drinking lot of water, taking multivitamins, and keeping a positive approach. The last one is what makes everything works no matter how long the journey of arthritis management may be.

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